Top 5 Makeup Artists and Beauty Travel Bloggers in Dubai

Top 5 Makeup Artists and Beauty Travel Bloggers in Dubai, For the best makeup in Dubai, look no further than the Middle East! The region is home to numerous beauty artists, including Sondos Alqattan, a Kuwaiti makeup artist. Beauty vlogger Nina will show you how to apply flawless makeup in Dubai using simple makeup products. The Middle East is a burgeoning hub for beauty industry, with many talented men and women making waves in the industry.

Sondos Alqattan is a Kuwaiti makeup artist

Sondos Alqattan is renowned for her Instagram posts, and she wears a hijab proudly. Her comments about her helpers recently went viral, which led to several complaints from followers. But, the beauty blogger’s comments are a great lesson for brides to avoid making a mistake. This Kuwaiti beauty blogger shares a few of her tips for the perfect wedding day look.

Aliya Fatima is a self-taught makeup artist

Aliya Fatima is a Pakistani model and social media influencer who lives in Dubai. Born on 21 August 1998, she studied at Skyline University in the United Arab Emirates and earned her bachelor’s degree in beauty and fashion at the same time. Her passion for beauty and fashion grew even stronger when she saw the women in Dubai wearing glamorous makeup, including glittery eyeshadow and long lashes.

Befrenshee is a French Youtuber based in Dubai

Befrenshee is a YouTuber from France who enjoys talking about beauty and fashion. She publishes tutorials and reviews of different products. She also loves to try new products and has a candid, real-life style. In her channel, she shares her daily routine and participates in collaborations. Here are her top five beauty Youtubers. They all share one thing in common: they all love beauty!

Nina applies flawless makeup in Dubai

Nina does an impeccable job applying makeup in Dubai. She has extensive experience in wedding, engagement, birthday party, and red carpet makeup. The beauty expert also gives tips on how to apply makeup on the red carpet. In less than 90 seconds, Nina can give you a beautiful face! Get her expert services now! What’s her secret? Check out her website now! You’ll be able to find out what makes Nina so amazing!

Wendy Rowe is a beauty blogger

A make up artist and beauty travel blogger based in Dubai, Wendy Rowe has an international reputation as a makeup expert. Known as the “Master of Nudes,” she creates looks that are undetectable and structured while embracing the natural beauty of the wearer. She has worked with prestigious brands including Lanvin, Estee Lauder, and Chanel and has authored a best-selling book, Eat Beautiful.

Diana Chipar is a self-taught makeup artist

A self-taught makeup artist, Diana Chipar has been creating beautiful looks since 2008. She is now running a popular makeup salon in Dubai and has collaborated with brands like Kiko Milano and Nivea skincare. She has a loyal fan base, and her tutorials are popular with YouTube users all over the world. In addition to her beauty blog, Diana also has a YouTube channel.


Befrenshee is a French YouTuber who is based in Dubai. Her videos are filled with beauty tips and tricks and she has a passion for experimentation. She also enjoys traveling and collaborates with brands and participates in collaborations. Her blog is full of interesting beauty tips and advice that will help you create the perfect look. Befrenshee also has a YouTube channel where you can find her latest tutorials.

Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho, a Portuguese model, is a successful make up artist and beauty travel blogger. She has more than 3 million YouTube subscribers in her native Portugues, which makes her worth over $7 million. In addition to her blogging, she also endorses elaluz products via social media and has her own fashion line. In addition to her successful blogging career, she has also been involved in modeling, and has appeared on many magazine covers.

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