IG Girls Go Bare Faced

IG Girls Go Bare Faced, Cardi B and Chelsea Handler are among the latest Internet stars to go bare faced. These two women have been posting topless pictures on their Twitter accounts for years, and their most recent #NoMakeup photos are among the nastiest of them all. This intentionally bad photo almost looks like a campaign against substance abuse. In fact, it could be an ad for a substance abuse awareness campaign.

Cardi B

Instagram has been a great place for Cardi B to gain fame. Not only has she gained popularity through her posts, but she has also made history as a female rapper. Often seen wearing heavy make up, Cardi B recently posted a video on her Instagram account of herself without makeup. It is clear that she is very comfortable with being barefaced. It is easy to see why so many of her fans are excited about the new trend.

However, if you ask her fans, she rarely posts without makeup. In fact, she takes her daughter to almost every function, including the ones where she wears no make up. Although she may not be revealing much about her beauty, Cardi B is still looking utterly beautiful. In addition to her sexy look, Cardi B’s hair and style are also stunning. The rapper is known for her bold image both on and off stage, and her hair and style are both very funky and glammed-up.

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is a stand-up comedian with no qualms about wearing no make-up. In fact, she arrived at Los Angeles International Airport without any make-up. She sported a black harem pant suit, khaki green jacket and scarf, and a gray fedora. She also ditched her heels for some trendy flat sandals. Although she’s been a frequent poster for no-makeup days, her appearance has been increasingly questioned.

Cardi B’s #NoMakeup photo

The Internet is agog over Cardi B’s recent #NoMakeup photo. The popular rapper has never been shy about displaying her face without any makeup. After her hit song “Bodak Yellow” reached the top spot on the Billboard charts, she posted a video of herself dancing without any makeup. While some people are quick to criticize her for not wearing any makeup, the rapper responded to her haters in classic Cardi B fashion.

The beauty icon looked absolutely stunning in a makeup-free photograph while on vacation with her daughter at Disneyland. The rapper sported blue nails and black lover’s pants. She was also seen talking to her fans on social media while posing for the photo. “We love you, Cardi B, and your natural beauty,” said one user, adding, “I love you so much, you’re like family to me.”

Cardi B’s video

The internet erupted with outrage over Cardi B’s makeup-free video and her response to trolls online. While many IG girls do show off their bare faces and love their emojis, Cardi B went beyond being a fashion icon and addressed online trolls. In this makeup-free video, the rapper reveals her true self.

The video was posted on Instagram on Thursday. The rapper reportedly uploaded the video to the app for fans to see. Although the video has received widespread criticism, Cardi has previously addressed negative comments and promised not to change. The video has gone viral on IG and she is confident that the controversy will continue to spread. To learn more about Cardi B’s motivation, read on. But before you dismiss her video, know that it is part of an ongoing campaign to get the word out about her brand.

Chelsea Handler’s #wokeuplikethis selfie

It’s no secret that the Internet is split on Chelsea Handler’s racy “wokeup like this” selfie. The stand-up comedian, who has a no-holds-barred talk show on E, is no stranger to topless pictures. In fact, she’s been posting them on Twitter for years. The latest example, titled “#NoMakeup,” is arguably her roughest one yet. It almost looks like the product of a drug-addiction awareness campaign.

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