70’s Make Up Trends

70’s Make Up Trends, If you want to get into the Disco style, you can try wearing 70’s make up! Here are some tips to get you started. Pale foundation is in! Blusher is in! Nail polish is in! Don’t forget to wear your fingernails as well! A hint of nail polish is not only appropriate, but also very fashionable in the 70s. The 70s were the decade of frosted lips.

Disco influenced 70’s make up

If you’re a big fan of disco music and dance, then you’ll recognize this 1970s make up trend. During this decade, disco became popular among white British artists. David Bowie and Mick Jagger swayed to their disco beats. The disco sound spread to interracial groups and genre-blending ensembles. Disco make up trends influenced make-up, hair, and fashion for many years to come.

70’s Make Up Trends were also the decade for punk music, which emerged as a reaction to the difficult social and economic conditions of the decade. Punk music was a style that was both provocative and expressive. Disco influenced 70’s makeup was bold and expressive, with dramatic brows and eye shadow. Lipstick shades were red, berry, and plum. The trend was particularly prevalent in the music scene, as many disco stars wore their lips in vibrant shades.

70’s Make Up Trends

If you want to wear disco-inspired make-up today, you must understand the trends of the era. The 70s were known for their au-natural fashion, disco queens, and punk aficionados. Makeup artists are recommending that you take your lead from these trends and experiment with different looks. They say the 70s are synonymous with the 70s and they have a lot to offer.

When it comes to make-up, the 70s were synonymous with fun, colorful, and carefree looks. Disco makeup can be as simple as glittering your eyes. Using any color combination, you can use eye shadow and blush in vibrant colors. Remember to wear makeup that is fun and enjoyable! It’s time to celebrate your inner disco queen! The 1970s were the golden age of disco!

Make-up reflected the mood of the disco era. Brightly colored, glossy, and dazzling, 70s make up was designed to match the night’s music. The trend continued into the 80’s, as a decade later, makeup styles tended to move away from powders and embraced sheer foundations and creams. For daytime wear, make-up remained neutral and only subtle.

Pale foundation

Punk rockers were known for wearing a pale foundation and bright blush on their cheekbones. They also wore bold eye shadow, including black and purple, without blending them. They topped off their look with plenty of mascara. The era’s black makeup icons also preferred deep oxblood red or dark purple lipstick. But the decade was not all about the black look. There were also several trends in 1970s make up that were very popular with women of color.

While the 70’s makeup look was primarily made up of black and brown eye shadow, some foundations could also be used to create a very pale look. One of the best new foundations is from Charlotte Tilbury. It is lightweight and builds to medium coverage. Whether you’re looking for a light or medium coverage, this formula doesn’t settle into fine lines and provides an airbrushed look. Its silky feel also allows you to build it up a bit, so you don’t need to worry about it looking cakey or greasy.

Some women wore a darker shade of eye shadow in the crease to give their eyes a more defined look. Others, however, did not use the eye crease colour, and instead used a lighter shade underneath the brow to highlight their eyes. Pale foundation was the most common color in 1970s make up, with many women choosing to wear it all over their lids. They also used eyeliner on their upper and lower lids. The new wave army and punks were more likely to sport heavy eyeliner.

As we age, our skin color changes. While we can use the same color foundation for our youth, it is unlikely to last. As our skin ages, our foundation shade tends to become pasty or ashy. Instead, we should use a base color with fewer pink undertones. This will prevent our skin from looking ruddy and keep the life in our skin. Sandy Linter, a celebrity make up artist based in NYC, recommends using a deeper shade. If you’re hesitant to go deeper, she recommends blending your current shade with the next darker shade.


If you’re looking to create the perfect ’70s make up look, you may be interested in the makeup trends of the era. The decade was a time of change for the western world, and it was especially transforming for women. The decade brought about social movements for equal rights and freedom, and women became advent fighters for their independence. In turn, 1970s make up trends expanded and became more diverse.

The best makeup of the 70s was characterized by earthy tones and sultry accents. This makeup trend is still very popular, as evidenced by the many icons of the era. Makeup in this style was characterized by bold eyeshadows and lip gloss. For the skin, the 70s made use of shimmery eyeshadow and red, blue-based lipstick. Other popular color combinations of the decade included gold and violet, blue and orange, and pink and lime.

The ’70s made use of blush draping, which was popularized by Cher’s makeup artist. This technique involves applying blush in the upper portion of the face – in effect, contouring with blush. Although many makeup enthusiasts still prefer the dramatic eyeshadow techniques of the era, blush is a great alternative to those. TikTok users are breaking down the technique of using this product, as it evokes the ’70s look perfectly.

To get the perfect disco-style make-up look, you’ll need to know how to apply the blush in the right places. A dewy finish and glowing skin were the main focus of any face makeup look. If you’re not sure how to apply your blush, start by applying foundation with a medium coverage, and then highlight your cheekbones. Finally, do not forget your cupid’s bow and apply highlighter along your nose and chin.

The ’70s also saw the emergence of pop stars and other female icons on magazine covers. These icons became icons, and young women were inspired to mimic their styles. They wore colorful make up products like lipstick and blush to emulate their icons. David Bowie and Debbie Harry also popularized ’70s make up looks, including blush contour. These two icons of the decade have inspired new trends in the world of makeup.

Nail polish

When it comes to nail art, the 70’s Make Up Trends  are synonymous with colours and waves. Choose a pastel hue for your base colour and add a few bright colours for contrast. Create random waves, or build up the colour from one end to the other. Then, repeat the pattern on the other hand. Alternatively, you can go for the full-on ’70s look with a contrasting nail colour. This trend is especially great for spring and summer.

This decade was full of different nail polish trends. While warm-toned nail polish colors were the most popular, you can also find cool shades for the era. Baby blue, spearmint, and ice colors look great with orange and brown. The 70’s were also the decade that saw the French manicure become a must-have for the rich and famous. Choose your nail color based on the 70s fashion trends.

In the ’60s, nail polish styles focused more on colors than finish. The frosted look was popular, and nail drills were often used to create this look. Many 70s fashion magazines wore their nails in orange, which was an uplifting color. If you’re looking for nail art in this era, you’ll definitely want to try these colors! The best part is that they’ll last for ages.

You can even make a retro style for everyday life. Choose a bright orange for a summery look or a mellow coral for a wintery look. There are many colors that resemble the 70’s Make Up Trends, but they are not only unique in style but are also versatile for your lifestyle. Light coral on the nails and bright limes on the toes can give you the 50s look. The 70s nail polish trend is even more exciting! To get the full ’70s look, opt for shades of olive green, yellow-green dots, and dark orange on your fingernails and toes.

While the 1960s were the decade when gold nails dominated the fashion world, the 1970s were a period of bare nails and pastel colors. Nail art and nail charms were big in this decade. Nail drills were invented in the ’70s, allowing nail techs to precisely sculpt acrylic nails. Some brands of nail polish also have a collection inspired by the 70s. There is even nail art inspired by the decade. 70’s Make Up Trends, We continue to produce content for you. You can search through the Google search engine.

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